Together for a fairer society - Közösen egy igazságosabb társadalomért
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Together for a fairer society - Közösen egy igazságosabb társadalomért

United Way Magyarország

Change doesn't just happen. It's created together. For more than 30 years we have been working in Hungary to build a welfare society based on community strength. For your child's future too. To make lasting change, we need your support. Your donation helps under-privileged children and youth, often at risk, to overcome their disadvantages and to acquire the skills necessary for self-realization and self-preservation. We believe and know that every child is good at something. As conscious adults, it is our responsibility to help them find their own way and to give them every opportunity and support to develop their potential and become independent, successful adults. Our children need to learn the skills and competences at school that will help them to successfully overcome the obstacles they will face in their independent lives. In all the above, United Way Hungary supports the development of children and teachers through the following development areas: Reading literacy Financial literacy Career starters, entrepreneurial and presentation skills development Your donation for example with the below amounts could generate the following social impact: GBP 150 = literacy skills development for 1 child for one academic year GBP 1,000 = financial literacy skills development for 30 children for one school year GBP 2,500 = entrepreneurial and presentation skills development for 20 high school students
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